Jimi Hendrix Chair

Jul 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

With recycled tires and shoe soles, a chair inspired by Jimi Hendrix is born.

Four architecture students in Coimbra call for more colorful streets and win the Larus Design Iberian Prize. Hendrix Chair will be presented in Madrid.

Four young students of architecture at the University of Coimbra made it happen 45 years later. Inspired by Hendrix’s quote, they recycled materials, tires and shoe soles, and created a chair that molds to the body.

The Hendrix Chair is composed of two pieces of rubber agglomerates, reused from tires and shoe soles, which give you a lot of flexibility. That’s the idea. “There are two shells, the bottom one shapes the chair and has thicker rubber. The top one, which fits the bottom one, has more malleable rubber that shapes the body ”, he explains.

Thus, the furniture industry also contributes to reducing its ecological footprint.

In Portugal, we still need 2.3 planets for the current consumption of resource

The ecological footprint is the estimate of the impact of the human way of life on the planet, which translates into hectares the area, on average, that a person or society needs to respond to their daily requirements, such as eating, dressing, working.

Spanish law adopts bitumen with rubber

In article no. 540 of that regulation it was then read: “In works where the use of the product resulting from the crushing of used tires is technically and economically viable, priority will be given to such materials.” The order applies to new construction road...

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Crisis and collapse

Waste companies and environmentalists warn of crisis and collapse in the recycling sector. Sociedade Ponto Verde stopped paying for packaging collection, as it says that it cannot bear the costs due to the new rules for the sector. Companies and environmentalists warn...

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