The Company

Who we are

Rubberlink belongs to Bolflex group, the largest manufacturer of rubber soles in the Iberian peninsula.

Rubberlink was founded in 2013 with the goal of valuing the rubber waste from the shoe sole manufacturing industry, but it quickly expanded its operations, namely to rubber formulation companies, automobile parts manufacturing, tires, industrial equipment , etc.

Rubberlink is a General Waste Operator (OGR) licensed by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), which is dedicated to the global management of rubber waste.

What we do

Rubber waste management:

– Collecting
– Transportation
– Screening
– Recovery
– Forwarding

Leaders in rubber devulcanization:

Rubberlink currently has a processing capacity of 4000 tonnes of rubber per year, and recycles several varieties of rubber, from tire derivatives, to waste from footwear industries, to other rubber component productions.

Betting on Recycling and Circular Economy

At Rubberlink, we do what is best for the environment. Our goal is to recover 100% of rubber waste. Of the 200 tonnes we receive annually, less than 0.02% are sent to landfill, which means that practically all of the waste is returned to the productive fabric, as a high quality, recycled raw material.
“In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”
A. Lavoisier

Innovation and Development: Devulcanization.

The investment in innovative rubber devulcanization equipment is already a winning bet. The benefits to the environment and the economy of the rubber sector are enormous.

This process – devulcanization – is the only one that promotes the true recycling to 100% of used rubber, transforming it again into top quality raw material. To prove it, we have our customers who have in some cases already verified 0% rubber waste through its reuse in production lines, as recycled raw material.

Rubberlink also has the ability to supply recycled rubber in accordance with the requirements of international REACH standards, since its rubber recycling process by devulcanization does not use any chemical additive of any kind.

  • 100% Recycled

  • 100% Reused

  • 0% Wasted