We collect your industrial vulcanized rubber waste.


We issue the e-GAR guide.

(Electronic waste tracking guide)


We are responsible for the treatment or forwarding of your waste.

Why choose Rubberlink to collect your waste?

Rubberlink is a company with experience and a history of innovation in the recovery of rubber waste. Its commitment is to convert all rubber into a new quality raw material in order to promote a circular economy. Only 0.02% of the rubber we collect is sent to landfill. Virtually 100% is regenerated and returned to the productive tissue.

We transform “virgin” rubber waste again.

Through our devulcanization process we obtain recycled “virgin” rubber with the same technical characteristics as the original formulation, which can be reintroduced into the production cycle.

Industrial responsibility

The impact of industry on the environment is now an essential concern. Being responsible for the destination of its waste, Industries have in Rubberlink the BEST environmental solution on the market. Rubberlink’s devulcanization process allows a reuse of waste – the maximum recovery of rubber waste. Having an e-GAR from Rubberlink gives a more positive note in the evaluation of the ISO 14001 certification standard. By valuing waste, you value your company and contribute to the environment through circular economy.

Specialized company

We are experts in rubber waste management: collection and recovery.

Certified company

We are licensed by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) to operate as General Waste Operators (OGR) under the number #APA 164822

Recover your rubber waste

Rubberlink can also colect, treat and return your rubber waste.